Why I decided to register my own kennel?
The main reason was to give puppies a unique family name. It's important to me because this way it's easy to follow the lifespan of my breed. If the puppy has got just a name e.g. Anna there might be more of them with that name and to know with who we are exactly dealing with we have to look at the pedigree. If the name is Kleine Sonne Anna there is no questions with who we are dealing with. And because kennel name is unique this goes to the whole world.
Kleine Sonne means in german language Little Sun. I decided to use german name because at the homeland of bernese mountain dog wich is Switzerland, German language is also widely used.

For me Bernese Mountain Dog is a dog of joy. There is always beautyful smile on the corner of the mouth when you look at the dog. There is also radiating goodness and friendliness and willingness to read any wishes from the owners eyes. To a owner each dog will certainly bring as much joy as the sun.